Squamish Bridge Club Policies

Please help make our club the very best it can be.

  • Scent Free … please smell good … but no perfumes … even scented hand lotion, soaps or hair sprays can be a problem for some people. Of course … no pets.
  • Courtesy and Respect: With each “move” from table to table, please welcome your new opposition with courtesy and respect. And, if anyone is rude or disrespectful during the session please let us know.
  • Call the Directors Without Hesitation: Your Directors are here to help and educate. We will make every effort to be fair and thorough.
  • Game Tempo: Please maintain good game tempo. Each set of boards need to be played within the allotted time so as not to hold up the overall game momentum. As one well seasoned director would say “if you can’t play a hand well … at least make your mistakes fast”.
  • Bridge Ethics: Please avoid comment and body language during the bidding process and play of the hand. This is important. This is why we each have a bidding box, a bridge card and communicate through play of the cards. Some leeway will be granted to newer players. But, on the whole, we ask that players set a high standard for themselves and adhere to all Bridge Ethics. We really don’t want to be imposing penalties.
  • Praise and Suggestions: Be generous with your praise of partner and opponents. And conversely, please do not give “suggestions and input” to other players unless they ask or you first ask for their permission.
  • Here’s a brochure with lots of good advice that everyone should read: PlayNice
  • Wrap up: At the end of the game your help is greatly appreciated in putting bidding boxes, pencils, table clothes, bridge boards, chairs and card tables away.
  • Very Important: With your help … and we mean this sincerely … with your help … let’s make this the best darn bridge club Squamish could possibly wish to have.